Hello Tablet addicts!

Welcome to this corner of the world. I have been a user and fanatic of tablet pcs and now on tablets, that is after being a fanatic and user of Pocket PCs, and being a finder of ways to use these tools in science education.

A few points clear:

  1. I have used Apple’s and Mac’s, including the original Apple’s and Mac’s, and have used PCs since they have the “I-M” name tag.
  2. I have used Windows-based laptops and Pocket PCs
  3. I do use Windows 7 but also like to use Linux (since the archaeological times of Slackware!) and Android 2.3
  4. I have used other ancient stuff, even used Atari’s in the classroom
  5. I now use a pair of Tablet PCs, which are originally based on Windows, but my son has converted one into a Linux Ubuntu workstation!, and yes, I also use an Android 7-inch tablet
  6. I use my Tablet PCs in science education: math and physics to be precise.
  7. I will like to try an iPad or any other Android thing, have not have access for an extended period, but anyway, I will comment on their value as edu tools, why not?!

I am writing this blog to explore and share my experience in using Tablet PCs, and if fortune knocks in my door, Slates.  That will depend either in my budget or if a Tablet maker reads this and is willing to risk lending me one for a semester or part of it, not only as instructor tool, but also as student’s tool. That way they will see if their toys are worth anything of educational value.

I will also like to share your experience in using Tablet PCs and Tablets in the classroom, both as instructor and as student.

Tablet PCs and Tablets are here to stay for a long time, and for a long in your school, college or university classroom.

Perhaps many others will see our Goods, Bads and Uglies of using these evolving tools to enhance science teaching and learning with tecnology.

Sorry if some manufacturers do not like what I write, but I will be as honest as a sincere faculty can be.

Feel free to comment below every posting, or to send your story to my email.


Our site is also http://tinyurl.com/TabletsScience to reduce typing!

Azael Barrera, Ph.D.